Cloud forest residence


Status: On Hold


Architect: IM/KM

Panama City is a towering concrete jungle of steel and bright lights reminiscent of Miami, yet as soon as you exit the city sprawl, you can find yourself immersed in tropical rainforest in minutes. The Cloud Forest Residence is located just outside of the city within a micro-ecosystem known for persistent cloud cover at the canopy level. The driving force behind the design is to have a building that is anchored to its site, in this case a site that is extremely steep and difficult to access. The home steps down the hillside and is organized around the topography and existing old growth trees, creating an organic organization of the indoor and outdoor living spaces. The public spaces reach out over the edge for a 360 degree view of the surrounding forest. Journeying indoors towards the private spaces that are tucked into the tree cover, the design of the house reveals itself as one passes through from one space to the other, and the volumes have been composed so that the overall mass does not overpower the site. Every facade without windows is trellised to create a green wall, a series that grounds the house to the site and allows it to sit naturally within the surrounding forest. As the fog lifts and settles between the forested hills throughout the day, new views and light are revealed, and each of the interior spaces has been designed to capture a unique view of this ever-changing landscape. 

Status: on hold