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El Chumico Residence | Ongoing | Estimated Completion 2016

The residence is located on a remote hilltop lot in the area of “El Chumico” in Panama. This inward looking 7,000 sq ft residence was designed to have a series of dark and quiet spaces inspired by monasteries in Latin America. The construction materials are austere and the colors neutral. The rooms will be illuminated by sunlight filtered through a series of stained glass windows and funneled by two towers. The color of the stained glass windows will provide a wash of color to the walls that mirrors series of blooming trees planted outside.

Coney Island Pavilion | 2005 | Design Competition

The proposed pavilion contains multiple layers of opacity and transparency through which visitors can at once appreciate the past, the present, and anticipate the future of Coney Island. The layers are achieved through the installation of a series of opaque walls extending north and south; in contrast the east and west walls are transparent to maintain a visual connection from Surf Avenue to the Steeplechase Pier. A series of large-scale “viewfinders” extend vertically through both levels of the pavilion, providing apertures through the opaque walls that magnify, crop, and juxtapose images of the past, and present Coney Island.

Tulum Site Museum | 2006 | Design Competition

The proposed museum provides views to the ruins that are both expansive and intimately framed, providing an opportunity to understand the scale of the ruins, the site, and the topography in relationship to one another.


Residential Addition | 2004 - With PBDW Architects



Media Center | 2005-2006 - With PBDW Architects




US Court House – Jackson Mississippi | 2005-2007 - with H3 - Hardy Collaboration Architecture

This 400,000 sq ft US courthouse is organized around a central rotunda with two distinct wings. The project is located on an anchor site within downtown Jackson. The courthouse was a pilot project for the GSA, one of the first of its kind to have been fully documented using BIM project documentation and management.

Gant Flagship Store | 2006-2007 - with Selldorf Architects

“This project entailed the complete renovation of a 6,000 sq ft store on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue. The flagship store is distinguished by its three-story stainless-steel-and-glass façade, which is back-painted in a pure cobalt blue. Eighteen-foot-high ceilings on the ground floor and a custom floor-to-ceiling shelving system throughout the store serve to maximize the amount of space for displaying merchandise. An existing curved staircase and an elevator placed at an angle proved to be the main architectural challenges of the project in that they could not be moved. The staircase is now an elegant centerpiece for the store, and was remodeled using pure white Corian and Venetian plaster. The ceiling is clad in panels of translucent fabric, backlit to provide soft ambient lighting and generate overall warmth.” - Selldorf Architects

Upper East Side School.jpg

Upper East Side School with Residential Tower | 2007 - With FXFOWLE

A new shared use tower an elementary school in the lower 4 stories and support spaces, with 15 stories of residential condo apartments above.